The work of Robert B. Carleson continues in the form of several different organizations and initiatives intended to protect the civil rights of all Americans.

The American Civil Rights Union: Protecting the civil rights of all AmericansThe American Civil Rights Union (ACRU) — The ACRU advances a constitutional understanding of civil rights by monitoring and providing opinion and commentary on actions that threaten those rights, and by filing amicus briefs in critical civil rights cases. Believing that the U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, is the greatest legal document ever written, the ACRU stands against harmful anti–Constitutional ideologies that have taken hold in our nation's courts, law schools, and bureaucracies. While others promote entitlements and license in the name of "liberties," the ACRU defends the civil rights set forth at the American Founding. (click here for more)

  • FreedomToAssociate.orgThe Center for the Freedom of Association — The rights named in the First Amendment are among the most essential and critical that Americans possess, free of interference by governments. However, we don't often consider one of the four rights in that Amendment, freedom of association. It allows every religion, and every private organization to set qualifications for membership. Freedom of association is under assault by organizations who ignore the First Amendment, and who think governments should have the power to tell citizens, in their private lives, who they should and shouldn't associate with. The Center for the Freedom of Association was created to help you, and all Americans, resist such pressures. (click here for more)
  • FreedomToListen.orgFreedomToListen.org — There is a growing clamor by liberal members of Congress to reinstate the effect of the Fairness Doctrine (rescinded by Ronald Reagan in 1987) by either congressional action or regulation by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The Fairness Doctrine, more aptly described as the Censorship Doctrine, would infringe upon the American people's opportunity to listen to commentary and news of their choice on the radio. The ACRU has responded to this threat by creating the Freedom to Listen Pledge, designed to allow lawmakers to take a clear stand in favor of the First Amendment. Save Radio Free America is designed as a means for talk radio hosts and their supporters to communicate about the pledge and to urge their local, state and federal representatives to sign on. (click here for more)
  • SaveRadioFreeAmerica.orgSaveRadioFreeAmerica.org — Today, with all other major American media dominated by liberal and left–leaning programming, conservative talk radio is the American equivalent of Radio Free Europe. It's no wonder that powerful liberals, from former President Clinton to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have been speaking publicly of using government power to control talk radio. Have no doubt — they are out to silence opposing voices under the guise of "localism" and "diversity." Americans have the freedom to listen — for now. SaveRadioFreeAmerica.org is dedicated to keeping it that way. (click here for more)
  • AmericasOwnersManual.comAmerica's Owner's Manual — Many citizens, some elected officials, and sadly, some Justices on the Supreme Court, do not understand what it means to have a written Constitution for the United States. The Constitution is, as it calls itself, "the supreme law." That means it should be read, understood and obeyed by all, including Justices on the Court. The purpose of the Owner's Manual is to present in plain English the essential points of the Constitution not just for lawyers, but for laymen, to understand how the Constitution was designed to work, and why it is important, even in the 21st century, for us to understand, respect, and follow, that document. (click here for more)

Robert B. Carleson Eagle Fund: Investing in Tomorrow's LeadersRobert B. Carleson Eagle Fund — Imagine what America would look like without the Boy Scouts. It's not a pleasant picture. And in a growing number of communities, political correctness is hurting our children. So we need responsible, trustworthy citizens like never before. That's why Bob Carleson was committed to defending the Boy Scouts. As the Boy Scouts of America marks its 100th anniversary in 2010, Bob's legacy lives on. Join us as we invest in America's future leaders. (click here for more)